Doctor Recommendation

"Working with Sanam as a Birth Doula has been an absolutely fantasic and very professional experience. She has worked with me and many of my expectant mothers to create a natural and calm environment for the birth of their babies. Her positive nature and supportive techniques have worked well with my clients looking for a natural / water-birth. My belief that women are created and designed to birth naturally is fully reinforced by her.
Being a Doula, Childbirth Educator and Lactation Consultant, she is able to provide clients with unparalleled support...

- Dr. Ameet Dhurandhar
throughout the entire pregnancy, during labor & childbirth, and until the process is settled. She is a focused, loyal & an extremely caring human being who gives her best shot towards a positive birth experience for the family.

I highly recommend all her services to everyone aiming for a beautiful & enriching birth experience"

"Sanam has throughout shown a strong belief in women and their natural ability to birth. She is extremely positive and encouraging to the mothers as well as the families she supports. The birth process being intense and intimate as it is, her dedication and compassion show that she is deeply committed to growing and developing her skills in the area of support during child birthing. I personally found her extremely capable, level headed and full of warmth for the work she does and thus highly recommend her services to my clients and their families. It is with pleasure that I recommend Sanam to her future endeavors"

- Dr. Feroze Soonawala
"For the many years I have known Sanam, she has been consistently dedicated, hardworking and a pleasant girl. Besides being a joy to work with, I feel she will be able to understand her laboring clients needs and work perfectly to their benefit as well as their families. Her love for newborns has been something beautiful ever since she was a child and I feel she will definitely be an asset to you. I highly recommend her as a labor doula and know that she can be a wonderful one as well."

- Dr. Kiran Coehlo
"Sanam, according to me has great potential. She is talented and has all the qualities in her that are required to be a great doula. After seeing the way she supported three of my patients during their labor and birth in the span of 2 days, I would assure you that she will definitely grow to excel in her field of work. I sincerely wish her the best in her endeavors and highly recommend her to all"

- Dr. Kurush Paghdiwalla

Parent Testimonials

  • Kalki & Guy

    Sanam was a rock for me during labour, holding me up both literally and figuratively through the worst of contractions. She was a professional when it came to prepping for a new born and Guy especially owes her for teaching him the highly advanced swaddling techniques.

    Kalki & Guy

  • Natalie, Raghu & Rhythm

    Dear Sanam,
    We don't know where to begin or how to thank you for how you helped make our birth so special ! Your calm confidence and your timely words of encouragement made all the difference to us, letting us focus on experiencing the beauty without the anxiety, knowing we had your warm positivity to guide us through the whole experience. The birth is already our most special memory and you are an integral part of it ! We will forever be grateful Thank You Sanam

    Natalie, Raghu & Rhythm

  • Natasha & Bikram

    I’m so glad we found Sanam before my delivery. All the classes we took with her prior to the baby’s arrival really made a difference in helping us feel prepared and calm for the baby. There was just enough information to know what to expect but not to get overwhelm with too many dos and don’ts. Her soothing voice during my labour helped me stay anchored and focused through one of the most intense experience of my life. Don’t think I could have done the water birth completely naturally without her by my side. Highly recommended!
    Natasha & Bikram

  • Sanika & Rahul

    Sanika and I wanted a Water Birth. And the search for Water Birth lead us to Surya Hospital, where our Dr. Dhurandhar told us about the need of a Doula during the Water Birth. At first we were not sure about the need or importance of a Doula's presence. But it all changed after the experience we had with Sanam. After informing Sanam about the labor pain, she promptly came and was there with us till the end. In fact till our Dr came, Sanam helped Sanika calm down & relax in the entire duration of the labor. Sanam also helped in coordinating the on duty doctor
    Sanam ensured Sanika was comfortable through out the Delivery. At one point of time when it was impossible for Sanika to get into a position for the NST due to the pain, only because of Sanam calming presence could she do the NST during the labor.
    We were lucky to have Sanam at our side for this entire duration . Thank You Sanam for everything!!’
    Sanika & Rahul

  • Pratik and Masumi

    We had to undergo an elective c-section and we chose Sanam as our doula. She was a terrific birth support partner and a lactation consultant who made sure that our baby’s birth was perfect. She was with us throughout the entire process and made sure that we were calm and stress free. She is so warm and welcoming as a person that it felt like she was a part of our family. She was always available on call before and after the birth, calmly answering all our questions and addressing our concerns. She made sure that our baby’s first latch was perfect which led to him being exclusively breast fed for the first 30 hours, providing him with the crucially important colostrum. We will definitely recommend Sanam as we feel that our birthing experience would have not been perfect without her.
    Kind Regards,

  • Tirtha & Kalpesh

    They say that the first child always holds a special place in the parents’ heart. Having heard many experiences from friends and family about their pregnancy and birthing made me and my husband realize that how mechanical the experience could be. However, me and my husband were keen on having a natural birthing which was well-informed and wherein our wishes would be respected and considered. Little did we know how a doula can be an invaluable support for the mother and the father.

    Sanam proved to be an excellent resource person about the various aspects of labour, relaxation techniques and lactation. Due to some unforeseen circumstances I had to go through an unplanned c-section. Since the point when I noticed mucous passing through, Sanam has been present in person as well as over the call. With the help of her vast experience, she could figure from my description and pictures we shared that I needed to rush to the hospital to get myself evaluated. All the while from the point that I started from home till I arrive at my hospital she was constantly in touch with the doctors and still ensuring that I and my family did not panic. Having her by our side, while I underwent my C-section, and ensuring that I was relaxed shows her caring side.

    Her guidance for breastfeeding was truly valuable for a new mother like me who struggled with a lot of self-doubt. She was very much available throughout the last weeks of pregnancy and served as a positive, encouraging voice as my due date neared. Her post-partum advice on how to schedule a baby’s routine also made sure we started our parenting journey on the right foot as well. For anyone who is pregnant and wishes to make their journey memorable I would strongly recommend not only for her knowledge but the human touch that she adds to the whole experience.

  • Sharon & Farhaad

    Sanam was a great doula and was a huge emotional support throughout the labour process. Her sessions in the months prior to the delivery were informative and really helpful in preparing both me and my husband for what to expect in the labour room. She was always available to talk, advise and help both before and after my delivery on all matters whether it be shopping, baby care, post partum expectations, lactation consulting etc. I would highly recommended getting Sanam as a doula during the birth process as I know I couldn’t have done it without her!
    Sharon & Farhaad

  • Khushbu & Shamoil

    I connected with Sanam in my last trimester of my second pregnancy. Though I was late in consulting her but from our very first conversation on the phone, she had established a very positive and a friendly bond in between us that I instantly knew I could trust her. Over our meetings and chats she became like a guide to me. I am grateful to her for being there for me at all times of my need. Professionally, she's doing a great job, literally. The kindness, the empathy and her devotion to each of her clients is what makes her extra special.
    Regards Khushbu & Shamoil

  • Disha & Chirag

    Dear Sanam,
    Thank you for being the support we needed as new parents. Our journey would not be this smooth without you being by our side. Your constant support during my labour kept me positive and helped me get through. Also, post delivery lactation support made my life easier and helped me bond with my little one better.Thanks for being so kind hearted and loving ♥️
    Love Always, Disha & Chirag

  • Nikhil & Surekha

    Sanam's support throughout the pregnancy has been great. We enjoyed the labour and baby care sessions with her, they were extremely informative and helped us prepare really well for "The Day"! And finally during labor and post delivery too she was with us like a strong and reliable pillar of support... from the first latching on to helping with tips on baby care. Her friendly, warm and responsible approach makes her very good at what she does. We had a natural birth we were dreaming of and she was a big and critical part of it coming true!
    Nikhil & Surekha

  • Nitya Mehra & Karan Kapadia

    Even though I was going in for a C-section, I was very keen to have Sanam as my Doula through the process. No one can ever prepare you enough for childbirth but having someone by your side guiding you through what is happening is of key importance and Sanam is just that person.
    From being there through the delivery to holding my hand through the tedious 1st week of breast feeding, it really helps having someone guide you through it. My doctor was ameet dhurandhar and it was via him that I found her. One meeting later I knew she would be the person guiding me through the beginning of what sometimes can feel like an overwhelming road ahead. Sanam has an ease about her that immediately makes everyone in the room relaxed and I love how meticulous she is with all the smaller details!
    Thank you for all the help Sanam!
    Nitya Mehra & Karan Kapadia

  • Mika & Karan

    Dear Sanam, We’re forever grateful for your help in this birth! Here’s our testimonial:
    “Having Sanam to help us through the birth was the best decision we could have taken! We are blessed with a very quaint and happy baby and believe that this is largely because Sanam ensured that the birth was as seamless and gentle for this little human as possible. In her prenatal class she taught as a few tricks and tips and massage techniques which were a real life-saver in the early stages of labour!
    Moments after birth she helped latch the baby on and made breastfeeding feel like the easiest thing - her advice has sailed us through the first few days and made us feel confident and comfortable super fast!
    We can’t tell people enough how grateful we are to have had you with us during this birth experience!!”
    Mika & Karan

  • Jhanvi and Chintan

    So here it is...My baby decided to step into our world even before we had our first appointment with Sanam. Luckily she was in the hospital on the D-Day and I felt comfortable with her even though I didn't know her beforehand.
    With her tips and support, I navigated through all the twists and turns that happened, which would have otherwise been too stressful and difficult. Thanks a ton Sanam for all the good work! :)
    Jhanvi and Chintan

  • Elouise & Siddharth

    Sanam played an integral part in my pregnancy and birth. Her prep classes were very helpful in terms of understanding what to expect, and how my partner could be involved during labour. Thanks to her guidance, we stayed in the comfort of our home for a large chunk of the labour, and only went to the hospital when we really needed to. There, Sanam was with us right till the end. She did an amazing job at soothing my contraction pains, with massages and applying pressure. She encouraged me to keep going, and gave me the strength to work through the tough transition phase. When I was ready to give up, Sanam simply wouldn’t let me! I’ll forever be grateful for that. Elouise & Siddharth

  • Liza, Karan, & River

    Sanam was our doula for the birth of our first child. Of course as first time parents, we didn’t have much knowledge or know what exactly to expect. Sanam’s informative prenatal classes geared us up with all we needed to know in preparation for our sons arrival. In the hospital Sanam’s presence was beyond priceless, we truly couldn’t have made it through those extremely tough moments without her by our side every step of the way. Thank you for everything Sanam!!

    Liza, Karan, & River

  • Vanika Choudhary

    Since we were planning a water birth, our gynaecologist, Dr. Ameeth Durandhar had recommended that we work with a doula and a hypnobirthing coach to prepare ourselves. Sanam was recommended to us by him. We met up with Sanam to understand the role of a doula and subsequently, discuss our birth plan. From other people’s experiences we understood very clearly that Sanam is the right person to have by your side on all important day. We bonded really well during my labour and Sanam is honestly the best doula we could have hoped for. is no one else you would rather have by your side to keep you calm and strong during your birthing day.

    Vanika Choudhary

  • Bruna & Allan

    You have been such in important part of my journey of becoming a mother! Your lessons, support and positive attitude have really helped me through out. Especially during my beautiful delivery! You kept me going when I thought I couldn’t. I’m so glad i could have such an amazing person like you by my side during the most special day of my life!

    Bruna & Allan

  • Neha & Nitin

    Sanam is in a rare and difficult profession which requires copious amounts of patience and emotional depth. She was a big help in our final mile as she corrected my birth breathing, cajoled and pushed me to egg on when I was exhausted and honestly not in control.

    Neha & Nitin

  • Mamta, Deepak & Shaurya

    I met Sanam in the third trimester of our pregnancy. I was keen and intent about having a water birth and I had come across really positive and inspiring reviews about her. When I asked my Dr. about doula services, he also promptly recommended her. That's the kind of confidence she inspires in not just her mamas-to-be but even the doctor.
    She maintained a happy and warm energy all throughout and that helped us to have a positive birth experience even though it was something different than how we had planned it to be :-)
    We wish her the very best

    Mamta, Deepak & Shaurya.

  • Melissa & Heath

    Sanam was a great support during our pregnancy, labour and post partum period. Her calm and capable presence allowed us to achieve the gentle waterbirth we hoped for. She is a wealth of information regarding all things babies and birthing and a valuable member of the birth team!
    We wish her the very best

    Melissa & Heath

  • Munira & Taher

    Just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for all that you have done. Even though I couldn't have a VBAC, but even the other journey was equally enjoyable with you on our side.. Thank you so much for making this birthing experience very different and enjoyable for taher and myself. The memories will be etched forever. I'm feeling awesome today and looking forward to go home and start my new journey soon. Thnx once again.
    We wish her the very best

    Munira & Taher

  • Mahek & Hitesh Kocchar

    My birth journey had been everything opposite of that I had hoped for. My husband & I had done Hypnobirthing courses & were looking forward to a natural water birth, but ended up having a c section due to a medical emergency & my baby girl in the nicu for a few days. Having enrolled with Sanam for her prenatal classes , she intricately explained all aspects of labour & the entire delivery process— all birth scenarios, be it natural/medically assisted & all types of medical emergencies, maternal/foetal distress & our coping methods for the same.
    Would recommend to take all her service offerings, so that she gets to know you before, your expectations & needs, which are extremely helpful on D-Day!
    We wish her the very best

    Mahek & Hitesh Kocchar

  • Chaya & Israel

    Since we met Sanam, in early ,br8th month of the pregnancy, she was available all the time, day and night to answer our questions (even when she was away!)..
    In the real time, she came to to the hospital very fast, where she helped and encouraged us to go with our plans, and prevented us from using medication that could harm the delivery progress and our baby.
    When the baby arrived she was really helpful with skin to skin and nursing the baby.
    Thank you Sanam for being so reachable and help us get the delivery we planned!

    Chaya & Israel

  • Anne E. Johnson

    It was really helpful to have an experienced coach with me for this intense and totally new experience of birthing. My birth went quite differently than I had hoped - my husband and I had done hypnobirthing courses and were looking forward to a water birth, but ended up having to have an emergency c section. Having Sanam with us during the chaotic time of the operation was invaluable. She helped me breathe during the difficult parts, I’d asked her to take pictures so that I could know what had happened, she made sure my birth preferences were followed as much as possible, kept my husband calm and helped him do skin-to-skin while I was still on the operating table, and assisted us with first latch breastfeeding afterward. Going into this unexpected experience alone would have been much more difficult.
    Anne E. Johnson

  • Atisha & Diven

    Sanam was an amazing emotional support for me throughout my pregnancy and after too!! She intricately explained all aspects of how to cope with labor, delivery and breastfeeding. Apart from all of this she was there to make sure she met all my unreasonable demands while I was going through the delivery process and after my baby was born. I would recommend anyone to reach out for her support without a blink. God Bless
    Atisha & Diven

  • Shweta & Salil Acharya

    Thank You Sanam for a BEAUTIFUL BIRTH JOURNEY. Good Luck and Blessings Forever Loads of Love Shweta & Salil Acharya

  • Ipshita & Sharan

    Hey, A few more testimonials came in. Please see the names of the ppl and the names of the jpegs they will be the same :) Thanks so much and sorry for the trouble.. God Bless : ) Sanam was extremely helpful during my labor process and I really don't know how we would have managed without her.

  • Isha Warrior

    I met Sanam during my third trimester which was really late but we connected instantly and she was like more of family by the time I delivered my angel.. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be next to me and family at this important time of my life .. her support helped me through my second pregnancy in every aspect health wise and emotionally ! Thank you Sanam

  • Natascha & Neeraj

    Who would have thought that one extended conversation in your home in Bandra could have been so useful during labour! I would have never known what all to do during the types of intense surges I experienced with Avir if it wasn’t for you. Amazing how the mind recalls useful information when it needs it. I think I applied every tool and tip you taught me that day — even giving extensive instructions to my mom and Neeraj during active labour :) I’m glad you prepared me that I might need to be mobile and alert this time — as that certainly was required for this birth! I also wanted to thank you for latching on the baby so well in the beginning and giving me a much more relaxed and positive experience with breastfeeding than I had in Holland. Thanks a tonne

  • Pelissa & Shiruy

    We took the Labour Support and Lactation Package with Sanam. She came to the hospital as soon as I called her, when I felt like I couldn’t handle the contractions without breathing prompts. There was just something about her instruction and voice that my body simply automatically responded to. As the hours went on and on without much dilation, Sanam actually managed to even calm me down enough to take a nap even with contractions every 3 mins. When I was finally given Pitocin after trying naturally for hours and things progressed super fast, Sanam was there coaching me through the breathing & pushing. Couldn’t have done it without her!

  • Aakriti & Nikhil

    Strong, Confident and Connected. Sanam gave us the Love, Support & Wisdom through the entire period of our Labor Class & also during actual labor. It helped me stabilize my emotional and physical state. She was also a coach to my husband as well. I couldn't be more grateful to her for being available to us at any hour of the day to provide any support we needed. She loves her work and believes in us which helps boost our confidence in any situation. I will always recommend a doula to all my pregnant friends :)

  • Pooja & Rohan

    Having Sanam support us through labour and delivery was such a source of comfort and strength. I was able to keep calm through the process even through a few scary moments. Even though we ended up having to go through with a c-section, Sanam ensured that I was able to bring my baby to the breast immediately after surgery giving me a lot of confidence with breastfeeding later on because it felt so natural.
    Pooja & Rohan

  • Sauparnika & Ajay Nair

    Sanam was the rock of support for me during my tough labour. From the moment Sanam arrived my pain was very much managable. Her massages and breathing instructions at right time reduces pain incredibly. In between contractions, i was sleeping in her arms; we are indebted to this angel for the kind of emotional and technical support during the most taxing phase of my labour. I wish her all the best and hope she makes the difference for a lot of mamas' in labour.
    Sauparnika & Ajay Nair

  • Swati & Amit Wadhwani

    When I met Sanam, we first had a phone call and instantly connected. We had such fun while going through the sessions. She was so informative and supportive at the same time that I never felt the pregnancy to be a first time for me. I am glad Dr Ameet recommended her for support and she was one hell of a support. I enjoyed my pregnancy and birth even more because of her.
    Swati & Amit Wadhwani

  • Dharini and Kushagr

    Sanam entered our lives at the recommendation of my extraordinary ob-gyn Dr Dhurandhar. I was seven months pregnant, committed to having a water birth. Sanam was to be my doula while in labour, and then, help me with early breastfeeding and infant care. With her guidance, we chalked out a birth plan. We were informed regarding the nature of contractions, signs of maternal or fetal distress, and things to buy to ease labour. There's so much Sanam did that went well beyond the call of duty—from taking a birth video with our phone to offering me advice regarding baby care. For this , and so much else, we will be eternally grateful to Sanam.
    Dharini and Kushagr

  • Rachkee & Eeshan

    Sanam was my doula, birth buddy & most of all she became a great friend through my pregnancy. We had a most beautiful and magical home water birth & Sanam’s friendly approach, care & loving encouragement during the most tiring & trying phases of labour made it smoother & easier both for me & my husband. I highly recommend having a doula at any kind of birth & I think Sanam is great because she adds a personal touch of “apnapan” where you feel like friends or family with her. My experience has been that this is the kind of feeling one needs from the people around you during birth.
    Rachkee & Eeshan

  • Eve, Guillaume and Constantin

    Sanam has been a wonderful support all over the pregnancy, delivery and post natal period. She was really professional and always available for giving advices. She understood very well our expectations and needs. She always responded very quickly and with great care to any situation or demand we had. We are very grateful for the beautiful birth experience we had thanks to her.
    Eve, Guillaume and Constantin

  • Sita & Cyril-Vincent Michaud

    For our second child we hoped for a more participative, natural labor process for both mother and father, rather than one that was medically managed. Sanam’s services as a doula were key in getting us prepared for this -- before, during and after. Knowing she would be there to provide emotional, informational and physical support and to liaise between the hospital, gynecologist and us, really took the pressure off us. We highly recommend the addition of a doula to ones birthplan! Sita & Cyril-Vincent Michaud Indo-French baby born August 2018 at Surya Hospital, Mumbai

  • Shruti and Varun

    Having Sanam as a part of our birth experience was the best decision both Shruti and i made back then, we did a lot of research and thought through this a lot of times. We were in the 7-8th month when we started looking into this aspect seriously and then through a common reference we discovered Sanam. The day of our daughter’s birth, she was with us from the moment my wife started getting contractions and Sanam was on call throughout midnight to pacify and guide her. I still remember it was at 1am on 4th Apr, the contractions started and around 4.30am we were at the hospital. Sanam was there at the hospital as early as 5am and she kept giving my wife the necessary massages and also guided her breathing throughout the labor, talking out to her to build her psychologically through all the difficult contractions and supporting me as well through it. She helped my wife Shruti through the expansive labor duration of 13hours and it was her valiant support and care that helped us see through this phase. At the time of delivery, she was able to successfully deliver baby naturally and Sanam was the biggest contributor at the critical hour of my wife’s entire journey. She was with us inside the operation theatre and after the birth of our baby Arianna, she was there to support us and help my wife with breastfeeding too. We have deep respect and gratitude in our hearts for playing such an immense role, you are a family now. We were fortunate to have you all the time. Love, Shruti & Varun

  • Seema Manchanda

    I want a natural birth, not a normal birth!- For an account her count of m personal experience please click here

  • Taapsi & Mark

    When my husband and I first met Sanam we were instantly put at ease. She was warm, concerned and interested in knowing about us rather than jumping straight away into business talk. Sanam worked with our budget and designed a package that catered to our interests as well as our time constraints. I appreciated this very much. Her prenatal class was organized and made us feel more confident about what to expect with our delivery. We also used her doula services at the hospital as were scheduled to have a water delivery. Even though I ended up having an emergency C-section in the end, Sanam was with me throughout. She taught my husband how to help me cope with my labour pains, was my liaison with the doctor to confirm things like immediate breast feeding, helped me latch the baby right after delivery and even took previous photographs of my husband holding our daughter right after she came out. Overall, our experience with Sanam was very pleasant and reassuring. If you are first time parents keen on the philosophy of natural birthing, we recommend you reach out to Sanam.

  • Disha and Tanuj

    After going to one of the best doctors in the city, I realised he did not check all the boxes I wanted in my birthing experience. Thats when I shifted to Dr Ameet Dhurandhar and team for a natural water birthing experience. He and another friend recommended Sanam Motwani to be my birthing doula. We booked her for labour and coping and infant care services. Her sessions to prepare us for both were enriching and honestly, they prepared us for what was going to come!! From intense labour to the baby sneezing in the first few days, we were prepared. She had also mentioned to not rush her into coming since active labour takes a while to come on - however, mine is a different experience. Having explained to us why she's not required to come early on, my husband called her within the first hour of my labour to ask what could be done, she could hear me in the background and was there at the hospital within an hour!! Her timely support and encouragement throughout labour is what every mother to be needs!

  • Inderjit & Sandeep Singh

    "Sanam was an amazing help. She went beyond her duty as our Doula, and instead felt like our family member. With her around we were much calmer. Her sessions with both husband and wife's are invaluable."

  • Jovita & Ravish

    "Pregnancy is such an intimate and transformational time and it’s so important to have the right people as part of your journey. I was aiming for a natural delivery mainly because I don’t like the effects of medication and wanted to try for the safest possible birth for my child. However age was a concern for me, plus my pain threshold is extremely low and I wasn’t sure how I could cope with labour without any medical interventions. As soon as we met Sanam, we knew that we wanted her as part of our birthing experience. She really gave me the confidence that I could do this – she also has a great sense of humour which immediately put us at ease. Sanam helped us create and revise our birth plan, showed us massage techniques and assured us everything would be ok and that we have prepared well for an all-natural childbirth! Additionally, she was ever ready to answer any random questions a new mommy-to-be had over text or phone call. Even before the birth, she helped to prepare us for what we needed and met with my doctor to ensure we were all on the same page. The day of our birth, she was with us throughout my active labour until an hour after our son's birth - over 9 hours. She was patient and motivational, helping me through all the difficult contractions, and supporting my husband through it. With both their support, I was able to deliver a healthy baby boy without any pain medication! After the birth, she was there to help us with breastfeeding too. We honestly feel having Sanam with us was one of the best decisions my husband and I could have made!"

  • Priya & Madhav

    "We really befitted from having you with us. You helped a great deal - in reminding me to relax and suggesting various positions. We will always recommend you to anyone looking to do a natural birth :) "
    Thanks again for everything! You made our wish for a natural birth possible.

  • Mallaika & Zeus Mistry

    "It gives me immense joy to announce the arrival of my lil baby girl who arrived on 14th Jan '18. Her coming into this world was only made easier thanks to my childhood friend and amazing doula Sanam. We have known each other since the age of 11 but little did I know that she would be a part of this wonderful journey along with my husband and me.
    It was only thanks too Sanam's ability, knowledge and breathing techniques that I managed to avoid a C-section and have a normal delivery. Her promptness and motivation in changes my positions and calm and positive energy continuously helped me sail through my labor.
    I can go on and on but would like summarise saying that all young mothers out there should definitely reach out to Sanam for the most smoothest and comfortable pregnancy and childbirth that you and your baby will remember"
    Loads of Love and Luck

  • Lajja & Ankit

    "From the day I found out I was pregnant, I was very sure I wanted an intervention free & drug free birth for my baby and me. Thanks to the Labor Support provided by Sanam, my Doula, it was possible for me to make this come true. My labor was over 14 hours and lasted through the night. Throughout this period Sanam was by my side providing me with emotional support, labor guidance and spinal massages.
    I cannot thank her enough for this and highly recommend her to all expecting mothers"

  • Rithika & Kaushik

    "Sanam helped me immensely during the birth of my second baby. Her calming presence and wonderful massages got me through my intense surges during my water birth.
    I love how passionate she is about the rights of a woman in labor and that she is not afraid to stand up for the mother. "

  • Vinutha & Ashok

    "Hi Sanam,
    I still remember the day when I first spoke to her over the phone. She was very clam and patiently answered all my queries. Be it whatever time she was always available over the phone. Any time, any situation she was always polite, kind, cool and calm. Her lessons were quite useful from the time I began experiencing my contractions until the time I delivered. It was because of Sanam that my husband and me were able to handle the initial stage of labor single-handedly and without any stress. The experience with Sanam was indeed very good and memorable."

  • Ratna & Kini

    "Sanam came highly recommended by my ob, which surprised me, as I’d heard that normally doula'a and ob's don't see eye to eye. She was everything that my ob said - warm, encouraging, understanding supportive and realistic. Post delivery she was there to make sure that my breast-feeding was going well and showed me other ways to hold my baby. Once home, she came by to make sure things were going smoothly. I’m glad I formed this relationship with her and hopefully when and if I have a 2nd little bundle, she'll be there."

  • Nawaaz & Kapil

    "Dear Sanam, I would like to thank Sanam for her guidance and support in making my VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) a success."

  • Eva & Martin

    "Sanam's pre- and postnatal classes are very well structured and she patiently answered all our questions. The best thing, however, was definitely having her with me during labor. Sanam's support was crucial to our birth experience. She came straight away in the middle of the night when contractions started and stayed with us for more than 12 hours, massaging my back, helping me find the right breathing patterns, and encouraging me when I was desperate. This natural birth was a great experience despite the pain and exhaustion - thank you Sanam!"

  • Aanchal & Umang

    "Having Sanam by our side was the best thing that happened to us during the delivery. She was such a pillar or strength that we feel we would not have survived without her support. Her unwavering commitment was so motivating as she stayed with us for more than 48 hours through labor and delivery. I would not blink in recommending her to any to be parents."
    Thanks once again Sanam.
    You are the BEST!"

  • Koustubh & Mansi Kanade

    "Sanam has been an excellent resource. Even with an existing back problem, I was able to have a normal delivery without an epidural, only because of her. Her support through massages and breathing techniques cannot be matched. A doula like her is a must have for a pleasurable delivery experience..."

  • Priyanka & Nilesh Rane

    "Its not even years since I know her, but only a few months and I have realized that you are the best. First of all dear I cant thank you enough for the wonderful care and support you have given me. You have taken care of my family and me during the peak period of our lives – my child’s birth. Truly I appreciate everything. You have far exceeded my expectations. Sanam gives out an impression of trustworthiness and responsibility. Her cheerful nature comes across as fresh air in a good mood, which can immediately cheer you up. Once again, thanks a lot for your help and support that you have given my family and me. Lots of love"

  • Ankita & Saurabh Khabia

    "I had a successful normal delivery with the help of labor doula Sanam Motwani on 12/11/2010. She was a great help during my labor and in fact I give major credit of my normal delivery to her. Her support kept me calm and she helped me cope with each and every contraction until delivery. As first timers any parents are bound to be hyper but on the contrary we were not as we were rest assured with Sanam and Dr Feroze around and by gods grace and Sanam’s help everything went of well and I had the most beautiful delivery experience. Thank You... "

  • Vishal & Shivani Jatia

    "Sanam was extremely helpful and caring and was with us right from pre-labor to delivery. A huuuge support! Would highly recommend her to anyone having a baby." Thanks!

  • Amrita & Sanjeev Lekhraj

    "Sanam was a godsend! Nothing prepared me for the intense labor pains I experienced. I have no idea how I would have gotten through the night without her. She was very comforting, patient & supportive. Her presence helped my husband stay calm & focused, & my delivery seemed like a breeze thanks to her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to attempt a normal delivery. We wish her all the best:) "

  • Tina & Nitin Gandhi

    "Horrifying experience of labor, and the only pleasant thing I can remember is Sanam’s support. I don’t think I would have pulled through a normal delivery and that also without epidural without her support. I think her guidance on breathing patterns during labor made all the difference. She was not only a great support to me but also to my family who were restless and concerned about me. Thanks Sanam."

  • Arti & Ravi Manshinghka

    "As first time parents, we feel our experience was beautiful. Sanam was an angel during our labor with her unending support and pain relieving measures. We really feel her knowledge, sensitivity and ability to respond to our needs helped us tremendously."

  • Heather & Vivek Gupta

    "Sanam’s presence was extremely helpful during labor. She massaged my back during contractions, which really helped with the pain, and she helped me to focus using breathing techniques. For a first time mother, her help was extremely beneficial, as one of the hardest parts of a first time labor is not knowing what to expect."

  • Swati & Raj

    "I cannot thank Sanam enough for the support and comfort she gave me through my labor and delivery. Her professional skill and amiable nature made for an easy labor and an even more easy recovery. For anyone expecting a baby, I truly feel her service is indispensable."

  • purnota & gunjan bahl

    "Dear Sanam, Sanam is wise and mature beyond her age and her tremendous experience in assisting deliveries was demonstrated during the delivery of my baby girl. She was extremely cognizant of my discomfort and pain and used words, breathing techniques and pressing of various pressure points to provide comfort. Though we didn’t know what to expect when she walked in the door, we are glad that we let her. Thanks Sanam and wish you all the best"

  • Kareena & Ashraf

    "Sanam was an excellent helper and did not leave our side for 24 hours during labor and delivery. Sanam reminded Kareena to breathe properly and massaged her back for hours at a time. She was calm, very kind and most efficient."

  • Rachana & Pankaj

    "Dear Sanam, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the physical and emotional support provided by you during my labor. the entire experience was made much easier and comfortable because of your guidance and presence. It really made me go through the process of labor without the extreme pain. My husband would also like to state that your presence provided him with a lot of comfort of someone being there to take me through the labor process. Thanks once again for all your help and support. Pankaj and I wish you all the best for your future endeavors."

  • Prikesh Kothari & Sonam Kothari

    "Hi Sanam, Firstly let me start with saying our heartiest thank you for all your help and support. Quite frankly we wouldn’t have known what to do during labor. I would definitely recommend you to everyone even if you do or not take this as your profession. We cannot thank you enough. Really appreciate your presence and your patience. Thank you again."

  • Varsha & Sumeet

    "Sanam was there throughout the period from initial labor pains until the birth in the delivery room. It was wonderful having her support and assistance during this time. Furthermore, she was extremely calm and patient, which is integral at such times. we would most certainly recommend and encourage our friends and family yo avail of her doula services / assistance in the future. Wishing her the best always."

  • Vandana & Ritesh

    "Sanam, our doula, has been the greatest help for us during labor. We cannot explain the gratitude we feel towards her for her support. We were at peace due to her presence. If not for her, we don’t know how we would have handled the contractions by ourselves. For hours together, Sanam stood by me relieving the pain of the contractions using different massages and breathing techniques. Her positive attitude and motivation played a huge role in delivering our baby boy. We sincerely thank her for all she has done for us and highly recommend her to who so ever we can. We are glad she was a part of such an important experience in our lives."

  • Neha & Vikram Ramchand

    "Hi All, Sanam was a GOD SENT angel for me. I went into labor at about 11.30 pm and I delivered pretty much 24 hours later, and Sanam did not leave my side for one bit. In fact, if it wasn’t for her and Dr Feroz Soonawala and team, I would have had a C-section surgery to deliver my baby. She never gave up on me having a normal delivery. She kept pushing me to do my exercises (in a good way of course) and kept massaging my back and made me feel most comfortable throughout the process. Most importantly, when the doctor was not around, she was our ‘know it all’ gal. She knew everything that was going on and guided me through every single thing that the doctor did or was going to do. So this way I knew what to expect and that made me very comfortable. My husband and I are very grateful to Sanam for her help and highly recommend her for every pregnant woman around. God Bless You Sanam."

  • Priyanka & Mrinal Chandran

    "As I went into labor late one evening, Sanam was a comforting presence. She helped me focus on the do’s and don’ts, which one can be unmindful to as labor progresses. Her back rubs and breathing techniques were immensely helpful. Sanam was by my side throughout the night holding my hand when required and was a patient caregiver till our baby was delivered early in the morning. We wish her our very best."