Labor Support & Doula Services

What is a Doula?

A doula is a trained professional who provides Physical, Emotional and Informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after the childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.

Benefits of a Doula:
  • ◆  Knowing there is another woman on whom to rely on emotionally and mentally will be of upmost comfort to a laboring woman.
  • ◆  Decrease in the discomfort and length of labor.
  • ◆  Reduce for the need of an epidural / pain medication / episiotomy and instrumental deliveries.
  • ◆  Decrease in the C-section rate.
  • ◆  Gives the mother a feeling of control and satisfaction during labor.
  • ◆  Increases a mothers self esteem and positive feelings towards her baby.
  • ◆  Improved breastfeeding.
  • ◆  Helps daddy’s be more confident on supporting their spouses.

Our Doula Support Package

During Pregnancy
  • ◆  Prenatal meetings to understand your birth expectations, health concerns and current pregnancy.
  • ◆  Educate both parents and family members about Gentle Birth Practices.
  • ◆  Provide extensive guidance on comfort measures to be used during labor.
  • ◆  Help you make a Birth Plan.
  • ◆  24 hr phone support.
During Labor & Delivery
  • ◆  Be present along with you and provide you continuous physical, emotional and informational support during the entire span of labor until after delivery.
  • ◆  Support you with various comfort measures that will help you cope with labor in a gentle manner
  • ◆  Provide pain relieving massages / positions that aid labor.
  • ◆  Facilitate communication between the family and your caregiver
Post Birth:
  • ◆  Skin to Skin care by the mother / father
  • ◆  Immediate latching for breastfeeding
  • ◆ Ensure all questions about your newborn are answered and references provided if required

"Sanam is the first Doula to complete the CAPPA Labor Doula Certification. Her enthusiasm is amazing and the efforts that she put in while doing the course are really commendable. It was a pleasure being her mentor while she was a student with CAPPA India."

- Sonali Shivlani
Executive Director, CAPPA India

Consultancy Locations:
Pali Hill, Bandra (W)  |  Thakur Village & Kandivali (E)

Personalized home visits available as well

Doctor & Parent Testimonials

Sanam has throughout shown a strong belief in women and their natural ability to birth. She is extremely positive and encouraging to the mothers as well as the families she supports. The birth process being intense and intimate as it is, her dedication and compassion show that she is deeply committed to growing and developing her skills in the area of support during child birthing.

- Dr. Feroze Soonawala
Pregnancy is such an intimate and transformational time and it’s so important to have the right people as part of your journey. I was aiming for a natural delivery mainly because I don’t like the effects of medication and wanted to try for the safest possible birth for my child. However age was a concern for me, plus my pain threshold is extremely low and I wasn’t sure how I could cope with labour without any medical interventions.

- Jovita & Ravish