About Me

Being a baby lover for all my life, I decided to take up a profession that allows me the opportunity to support expectant parents and be a part of their most beautiful experience in the world – PREGNANCY & BIRTH.

As your Childbirth Educator, I will be there as your guide and companion teaching you each and every aspect of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Baby Care, thus helping you make informed choices, whenever required.

As you Labor Doula / Labor Support Specialist, I will work to nurture and protect you and your child birthing experience by encouraging you to give birth in the safest manner possible.

As your Lactation Support Specialist, I will help you with breastfeeding initiation and long-term breastfeeding.



"Having personally witnessed a large number of Labors & Births, including Water-Births, in various hospitals around Mumbai, Pune and Nasik, I have gained valuable experience that I would like to share with families looking to be well-informed and working towards a Positive Birth Experience. "



Doctor & Parent Testimonials

Sanam has throughout shown a strong belief in women and their natural ability to birth. She is extremely positive and encouraging to the mothers as well as the families she supports. The birth process being intense and intimate as it is, her dedication and compassion show that she is deeply committed to growing and developing her skills in the area of support during child birthing.

- Dr. Feroze Soonawala
Pregnancy is such an intimate and transformational time and it’s so important to have the right people as part of your journey. I was aiming for a natural delivery mainly because I don’t like the effects of medication and wanted to try for the safest possible birth for my child. However age was a concern for me, plus my pain threshold is extremely low and I wasn’t sure how I could cope with labour without any medical interventions.

- Jovita & Ravish